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 The DCU 3-COLOR (Desert/Arid) Camouflage Pattern has been first introduced by the United States Armed Forces in 1990 in order to replace the DBDU 6-Color (Desert/Arid) Pattern primarly designed for Elevated and Rocky Deserts. It was approved for all branches of the US Military Forces (Army/Navy/Air Force) and widely distributed after 1992. Also called "Coffee-Stain Pattern" camouflage, this camouflage is based on a Three-Color pattern (Beige, Sand and Earth Brown narrower swathes) and it is designed for Lower Desert & Sandy Environments (More versatile in all types of desertic areas). One of the most replicated camouflage pattern (Variations of this camouflage are in use in multiple National Armies, International Military Forces and Special Security Forces all around the World). Even with the introduction in the 2000s of Specialized Camouflages by the US Military Forces (ACU, MARPAT, ABU, MULTICAM) the DCU 3-COLOR (Desert/Arid) is still currently in use by US Military forces. The Canada based Royal Military Surplus online store offers range of quality Military Kits, Combat Uniforms, Tactical Gear and Military Apparel in DCU 3-COLOR (Desert/Arid) Camouflage Pattern.

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