Guerilla Fighter Kit - Indochina Warrior - MAM (Temperate)
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 This MIX-AND-MATCH Indochina Warrior/Guerilla Fighter Kit includes the Shirt (Tiger Stripes Camo), Pants in MARPAT (Digital Desert Pattern) and a Boonie Hat (Tri-Color Desert Camo). It also includes a Coyote Military Shemagh, a pair of Black Combat Warrior/Duty Gloves, a Coyote Skeleton Tactical Vest and a OD Green Triple Magazine Pouch. All items are Brand New. The Shirt and Pants are available in size XS to 3XL. The Boonie Hat is available in size 7 to 7 3/4. The Gloves are available in sizes XS to 2XL. All other items are One Size / Size does not apply.

 The Tiger Stripe Camouflage is one of the classical camouflage in use during the Indochina conflict. Widely used by Special Forces throughout the Vietnam war for concealment considerations and often associated with elite units. The Tri-Color (Desert) Camouflage has been used by multiple military forces since the 90's and is still active today. The MARPAT (Desert) Camouflage is also extensively used by the US Marines since the early 2000's in many areas of the world. The Mix-and-Match Uniforms offers various advantages for warfare and tactical operations. The use of multiple camouflages in one set-up is also very effective to conceal the human lines and have the ability to naturally exploit luminosity and contrasts. It is also a consequence of the logistic material reality for smaller Military Units, Guerilla Movements and Special Forces. Consequently, the pragmatic use of military acquired, stolen and discarded material  can generate an eclectic but effective camouflage concealment ensemble. The Canada based Royal Military Surplus Online Store offers range of quality Military Kits, Mix-and-Match Kits, Combat Uniforms, Tactical Gear and Military Apparel in Various Tactical Camouflage Patterns.

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Guerilla Fighter Kit - Indochina Warrior - MAM (Temperate)

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