Shemagh / Keffiyeh - Military Style - BLUE (Blue/Black)
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Wear as a Face Mask, Balaclava, or Headwrap, Shemagh Scarves are a must-have for anyone. Worn while traveling through a Desert, Snowstorm, and any other Extreme Weather Condition you may encounter, or simply for fashion, these tactical scarves are adaptable to any environment. 
  • BLUE (Blue/Black)
  • Perfect Combination of Comfort And Resiliency while Protecting Your Head And Neck From Harmful Sunrays, Snow, Sand, And Other Debris
  • Great Survival Tool - Can Be Manipulated and Used As A Makeshift Sling, Tourniquet, Pouch, And Much More
  • Breathable Woven Cotton Construction
  • Made following Military Specifications
  • 100% Military Cotton
  • Light and Durable
  • Size: 42"x 42" (107cm x 107cm)
  • Item #: 1940014
  • Manufacturer: Rothco
  • Condition: New

Shemagh / Keffiyeh - Military Style - BLUE (Blue/Black)

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